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Landscape Management Workshop 2005

Profile No.6: "Mound Spring"

Management objectives:
  • High level of succession
  • High biodiversity
  • Minimum management inputs
Site description / history / treatment:
  • Vegetation: "Rainforest" with melaleuca, pandanus, grevillea, banksia; trees except melaleuca are covered with vines
  • Ground Cover: Dense cover of vines, one species dominating, leaf litter is completely covered
  • Soil Surface: Humus with litter, not compacted, moist
  • Last Rainfall: Rainfall on Kachana 2004/2005
  • Fire: Active fire exclusion 1996 and 2005
  • Biological: Medium density stocking for 5 days 4 months prior to sampling
  • Mechanical: None
  • Chemical: None
  • Whit in 5m distance from profile 5
Profile description:
  • 0-2cm: Partly decomposed litter, high insect activity, dense vine roots
  • 2-28cm: Thick wet humus layer, lots of roots, ongoing decomposition; color: black
  • 28-60cm: Peat layer with permanent ground water influence, anoxic conditions, no living roots, decomposition slowed down, undecomposed dead organic components; color: brown to black

Soil surface

Profile 6

Laid out profile

Close-up peat layer