Quote of the Moment:

“I grew up in a time when you wanted to save so that your children would have a better life than you had. Now, in all the Anglo-Saxon economies, people don't seem to want to help the next generation, they want to cheat it, by leaving a legacy of worn-out capital...and debt.”

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Photos of past workshops

Workshop Photos 2005

Day one

About ground cover...

Plant roots store energy

Discussion on the moon...

Plant roots

Water infiltration on sand

On bare ground

Pioneer plant

White hairs protect from
sunlight and water loss

Demonstration of gully erosion

Grown up erosion gully

Chris explains that this tree...

...will probably not survive
another fire

Alligator Creek monitor site after the fire

Next to Alligator airstrip

Fresh green pick

Alligator airstrip from above

Day two

Animal maintained fire break

An attentive audience

12 HP at work...

12 HP at work...

12 HP at work...

12 HP at work...


Our youngest participant

Day Three

Fire experiment; site B

Site A and B

Different soils, different vegetation

The fire could be stopped...

Outdoor classroom

Judi explains a soil profile

Lots of leaf litter

In the jungle...

Black humus

What's in there?

Where's my contact lens?

Beer o'clock



Delicious melons!

Regula Gorge