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“When ideas fail, words come in handy.”

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Kachana Landscape Management Workshop 2004

Our Guest Speakers:

Dr. Andrew Storey

Dr Andrew Storey, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, School of Animal Biology from the University of Western Australia is not new to the Kimberley and is now involved in several research projects in this region. Andrew actively encourages the search for practical options that will provide better outcomes in our landscapes; he reinforces the message of a fellow scientist: “Do not divorce the stream from its valley.”
Andrew also promotes updated scientific analysis as a basis for Natural Resource Management decisions. (A recent paper by Andrew can be found here.

Sam Bingham

Sam has served as an environmental consultant for various organisations including USAID and the World Bank. In his book “THE LAST RANCH - A COLORADO COMMUNITY AND THE COMING DESERT” (ISBN 0-15-600539-5) Sam illuminates the different facets of one of the world's most challenging phenomena: desertification and the value of water. It reads like a novel, but its content is deadly serious. Sam however transmits a message of hope connected with action. Sam works closely with the Allan Savory Centre for Holistic Management