Quote of the Moment:

“It must become totally unacceptable for any economist, politician, or corporate CEO to remain environmentally illiterate...”

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Kachana Pastoral Company

Our vision


“Humans reconciled with the land off which they live - a society in which individuals may grow up, live and die with dignity.”

Our Goal:

Quality of life: A healthy lifestyle filled with opportunity. Options to work with other like minded people and organisations enabling us to feel free, optimistic and enthusiastic about our activity. An atmosphere of love, trust and creativity. A sense of selfworth and prosperity.

Forms of production: A commitment to learning and awareness of the greater wholes that we are a part of. Harvesting the fruits of solar energy (from healthy produce through to human creativity) with the use of profit from a range of independently viable enterprises that do not conflict with our values. A commitment to keep all lines of communication open internally and externally. A willingness to commit time to ensuring that there is balance between the dynamics of our whole and that of others. Meaningful activity for all involved. A visible demonstration to the broader community and to government that we have the welfare of the region in mind. Being prepared to share and help.

Future resource base: A network of diverse vibrant people complementing healthy diverse landscapes where the fundamental ecosystem processes are functioning with according effectiveness. Biodiversity is improving. A responsible and balanced exchange of produce, services and ideas.
Well defined landscape goals that all are aware and proud of.