Quote of the Moment:

“I grew up in a time when you wanted to save so that your children would have a better life than you had. Now, in all the Anglo-Saxon economies, people don't seem to want to help the next generation, they want to cheat it, by leaving a legacy of worn-out capital...and debt.”

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The People

“There are more things to life than increasing its speed.” M.G.

Details of all the people involved would not fit onto this page. What you see is the Henggeler Family and the Waser Family. What you do not see is what individuals have already put into the project we call “KACHANA.”

In an attempt to acknowledge the invaluable support of all types that we have received over the years we have encouraged the forming of the “KACHANA CLUB”. In time we hope that as we sift through the archives and visitors’ book, all our supporters will rate a mention.

For the while let it be said that our success to date could not have been realised without the support that was given. Thank You!