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“He who would do some great things in this short life must apply himself to work with such a concentration of force as, to idle spectators who live only to amuse themselves, looks like insanity.”

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Landscape Management Workshops

"You will never know?" Byrne Terry

The purpose of these workshops is to promote a stimulating exchange of ideas and experiences relating to landscape issues with an aim to improve the health of the landscapes we all depend on.

In a remote out-back setting, removed from the stress of modern living, we encourage participants from a diversity of cultural backgrounds, age and professional activities to explore, debate and promote viable alternatives to the ways in which much of our resource base is currently being managed.

Kachana Landscape Workshops are an ongoing learning process related to evolving land-management skills based on four key insights first put into global context by Allan Savory towards the end of the Twentieth Century...
Kachana Pastoral Company has been acting on such new knowledge and the results in our landscapes speak for themselves...

Landscape Workshop Themes at Kachana each year build on past themes, yet each workshop is unique. Participants are encouraged to augment their personal learning experience on Kachana by visiting past reports, by remaining in email contact with other participants and by . News and our comments on some grass-roots environmental issues can also be found on our web-site.

The workshops are conducted in late August or early September each year. Please make your reservation early as the logistics involved make it necessary to keep the number of participants below thirty.

Any funds generated go towards the “BYRNE TERRY ELLENBRAE FUND”.